Item authenticity is one of our main priorities so that our international buyers can have the peace of mind and absolute confidence when they are buying luxury items through our platform.

7bags Authenticity Guarantee

Our in-house authentication experts evaluate each and every piece that we get from our trusted sellers.

This thorough inspection covers all item details which includes the hallmarks, hardware, stitching, symmetry, material, craftsmanship, stamping, codes, hologram stickers, packaging, and many other aspects of the item as well.

We take all the necessary steps and never spare effort or time so that you can always be confident that you are purchasing a genuine luxury item.

With every purchase, you will get a certificate of authenticity for every item that you will get from us detailing the authenticity hallmarks for the item.

Above all, we provide our buyers with a life-time guarantee so that in the unlikely situation of having any doubts about an item it will be rechecked and in case it was confirmed as inauthentic we will provide a full refund and cover the return shipping costs as well.

During Authentication, our experts examine every detail to make sure that the item is genuine.